Because it is the Right thing to Do!! or Was It????

There are many times that I hold an opinion on a subject strongly, and, will argue my standpoint with all comers, fervently … but please never ever let me say that I am right and you are all wrong, for as soon as I say that I am presuming myself to have all knowledge … I am saying that I am God, and from that point I must surely be shot down. Before I go onto the phrase unleashed on the public by Gordon Brown, let's look at a few recent proclamations of omniscience with the benefit of hindsight.

Naturally we have Tony Blair with his "Saddam Hussain has weapons of mass destruction, which he can unleash in 45 minutes", and, to all the critics, he said if you knew what I know, I have seen the intelligence I know this to be a fact! On the basis of that private knowledge of Tony Blair, the USA/British invasion of Iraq began. Was, he right? At the end of the Second World War, we the world, established The United Nations with a specific charter … to prevent another war. No nation, would be allowed to take up arms against another except in self defence. Where any nation became a threat to its neighbours, the United Nations through the Security Council would have the power to intervene. Well history has shown that the Security Council was right in not passing a resolution to go to War with Iraq … be it on our heads the tens of thousands of people that were killed.

There is little doubt, no matter how gung ho George Bush was to finish what"Daddy" failed to do, that the USA would not go to war with Iraq without some support from a major nation to lend legitimacy … he even used the claim that the British Intelligence had information about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to persuade the American Senate to approve the invasion.

Throughout history we have had people claiming that they are absolutely right

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