China 1 Trump 0

First blood to China.

The USA government announces a $200 billion life line for farmers, as they feel the bite in China's response to the Trump tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Trump scores an own goal! Current score:  China 1 USA 0.

When Trump says "make America great again" he is overlooking that the world did not inflict the damage on the USA, it was USA business that chose to move it's production activity to China so that it's bottom line would benefit from the lower cost equation.

Trump's understanding of economics is decidedly lacking. Import tariffs might have an impact on the exporting country, but, only to the extent that the size of your market is being reduced. Import tariffs are simply a tax on your population not the exporting country. The effect of tariffs is to increase prices in your own market, which might make consumers less able to afford an article, thereby placing a squeeze on the size of the market.

The 1930's should have taught everyone that Import tariffs only result in a reduction in business activity and never serve the purpose for which they were imposed. 



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