Gaza … time for world to act

Fine words are all very well it is deeds we need.

Hamas wont stop firing rockets unless Israel ends the illegal blockade against shipping to Gaza, Israel wont stop bombarding Gaza unless Hamas stops firing rockets.


The Palestinian conflict began in the late 1800's with Jews moving back to Palestine and establishing small settlements on land that they had purchased. The League of Nations backed a British proposal that they should be granted a state within Palestine. This State only came into being in 1948 and excluded what we now call the West Bank and Gaza. By conquest in 1967 the Israelis expanded their state to include the West Bank, Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula. The Sinai Peninsula ultimately being handed back to Egypt. The United Nations have consistently declared the occupation of the West Bank and Golan Heights illegal. Britain and the USA have consistently vetoed any attempt at sanctions against Israel in the Security Council.

The only solution is for USA and the UK to sponsor a Security Council resolution imposing an outright ban of export of all armaments to either Israel of the Gaza region. For the USA and UK to use their Naval power to allow shipping in and out of Gaza.

Failure to take action with deeds will only increase the threat posed by Muslim fundamentalism. If we are seen to take action and make a safe homeland for the Palestinian people we would have gone a long way toward removing the threat of Islamic terrorism. We dont have to deny Israel the right to exist but we must give others that right as well.

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