My Chess Games with ANCL

I will provide Links to games I play in the ANCL (All Nations Chess League) … not theoretically good games but nice fun games!

Season 33

Round 2 … another game I am not very proud of. I failed to see most things and then made a serious blunder when I thought I was on top!

Round 1 … Opponent misplays the Centre (The Balkans of the Chessboard) leads to a nice easy win. Ivica also playing against a Catalan type defense punishes, carelessness by Black in the Centre, even more severely.

Season 32

Round 12 … another draw which I nearly give away!

Round 11 … a nice quiet draw

Round 9 … not proud of this one

Round 8 … A nice quick game.

Round 6 … Pretty mate after locking up opponents isolani!

Round 5 … Misplay a Queen side attack and throw away advantage.

Round 4 … first win of new season, weaker opponent!

Round 3 … miss a mate in 1 move and loose game I thought I had set up very well.

Round 1 … Nice game in which I overlook easy winning move

Season 31

Game 8

Game 7

Game 6

Game 1




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