The EU

Much as I believe that it is in the UK’s best interests to remain in the EU, I am sad to say there is no option but to leave.

We have a Nation that is becoming increasingly polarised over a single issue. The rhetoric on both sides has become increasingly divisive and corrosive. .To prolong this further is likely to end in violence.

At the moment we are failing to see that current negotiations are simply about the terms of our divorce and to buy time for actual negotiations to begin, without first seriously damaging our economy. The Irish backstop is simply a red herring, it was designed to last until we find an alternative solution, during actual negotiations about our post Brexit relationship.

Conservative Party seems hell bent on a ‘No Deal’ withdrawal, afraid that if they don’t Farage’s Brexit Party will steal some of their support.. Labour position is ‘a customs union’ or something that allows normal trade to continue without an Irish Border Problem.

Bonking Boris tells us he wants a ‘Bucaneering Britain’, perhaps he still believes there are Spanish Galleons out there that we could pirate or maybe he hankers for a return to the ‘Slave Trade’ which contributed so much to Britains wealth. Perhaps he should be told that we are past the 18th Century.

The sensible way forward would be a staged withdrawal.

First step would be to move to a Norway/Swiss style agreement while we engage on negotiations about the future, yes, that may take three or four years, but can happen in a calm and rational environment.


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