Ukraine … not so clearcut

Democracy is a funny thing.

Our media, and politicians, have come out firmly that Russia is the nigger in the woodpile over Ukraine. I was almost born a sceptic and when politicians take a strong stand I tend to look for the weaknesses in their arguments.  We have quite a record of getting involved in things that are not our business, ultimately leaving a mess behind.


… invasion of Iraq without actual UN approval, but based on barefaced lies and a trumped up dossier about weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. We try and justify on the basis of the end justifying the means, we have rid the world on an evil dictator, who did terrible things to his own people. How many innocents did we kill and simply write it off to colateral damage. Yes we got control of Iraq oil but as events unfold that seems to be unravelling now.

… invasion of Afghanistan, seems we are in the process of leaving an even bigger mess behind us. We have only changed which set of gangsters control the country.

… Libya yes we got rid of Gaddafi but can we honestly say we have left a stable peaceful country behind?

… Syria, thank goodness our parliament stood up to being bullied, however we now see the horror we have unleashed through arming and supporting the rebels we have ISIS on our hands.

I have no doubt in my mind that the terrorist threat we face is only because of our obsession with getting compliant people in control of countries which are strategically important to us because of oil. Osama bin Laden was mainly against the house of Saud and his fight with the west was because we virtually kept them in control.

The Ukraine has intrigued me, as I could not see any of the normal parallels for getting involved.

We had open demonstrations against an elected government, in itself not surprising when few governments around the world can boast that they have been elected by a clear majority of the electorate. With our support Poroshenko, gets installed as president by way of armed coup. Creates  a patched together coalition. The EU supplies emergency funding to the new government.

Immediately we have the Crimea issue, followed by the Eastern Ukraine also wanting independence.

We blame the Russians.

We ignore that the opposition in parliament is virtually as strong.

We ignore that what we are seeing might be a genuine expression of the will of the people.

On 24th July the coalition breaks up. The Communist party gets outlawed.

Today Poroshenko dissolves parliament calling a snap election. Assured that with the Communist Party banned the Nationalisic Parties must win …

Part of his statement today;

“I don’t know how to work with the parliament where the majority of people represent a ‘fifth column’"

Surely we should not be in, boots and all, where our installed president cannot command a majority in his parliament. The issue that brought this about, was that, he failed in the Ukrainian parliament to win a vote declaring the separist movement in the East a terrorist movement.

Any reasonable person should be filled with doubt about our involvement in this affair.


Have just discovered that Ukraine is considered to have the biggest potential shale oil deposits in Europe giving it the potential with the aid of fracking to replace Russia as the major source of gas for Europe … little wonder our taking up sides so strongly and naturally Russia wants to protect it's market!


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