Who’s guilty … the bribers or the bribed?

Having just re-read my earlier blogs, I see, I left this question hanging.

In the earlier blog my subject was dealing with the integrity of politicians … where I tried to show there is little difference between our first world politicians and those of the third world that we often smirk at.

We have seen honours for “soft loans”, but the Saudi affair takes the cake! To the best of my knowledge a £1 billion bribe is the biggest ever exposed. Our current bunch of politicians can say that this was set up by their predecessors … that they were bound by legal agreements etc. It was however our current politicians who did most of the paying, who quashed the investigation into the matter … rather than confess that they had effectively condoned the biggest bribe in History!

In my mind the briber has always been the more guilty party. Without the briber preying on the frailties of human nature it would not take place.

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